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What is Graphic Design?

There is this advertisement, banner, post or billboard at the entrance of a restaurant that stimulate your glands and makes you salivate.  It could be the photo of super grilled chicken, or very refined tantalising fruits and vegetable.  Why does it make you feel like stopping and making a turn, right inside just to have a bite?
There is also that painting at the exhibition house downtown that makes you feel like it is the only fine piece of art to complete your living room.  Why should somebody pick a specific type of magazine from a heap or pile of different magazines? It could be the headline, the colour, the wordings or rather simply because of the outstanding features on that magazine.
What then is graphic design?
Graphic design is simply the artistic application of different tools and elements that bring out outstanding and unique visual products that communicate a message. These elements and visuals are made up of different themes.
Elements of orpiv graph…


What are alternatives to B.Tech Degrees?

Every year in India, barely half of the students who start a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree will graduate. In 2007, an astounding 57,110 students entered into the field of engineering while only 31,230 passed out by the end of four years. What is going on with this disturbing trend? And how can we put a stop to it?
A large issue with the alarming number of dropouts is the pressure that many Indian students are dealing with on a daily basis. Students join the B.Tech programs with huge expectations of finding a high-salaried job when they get out. The reality, however, is that a large number of these students don't have the intellectual skills to be successful in such a program to begin with. Whether Indian students are feeling pressured from themselves or their families to find a job with a large income, it is vital they reflect on and analyze their individual strengths before jumping into a degree program that might not be of their best interest. 
Another issue is the fact t…

14 Most important Skills of Software Developer

Orpiv Software Development is one of the popular career trends in modern era. Software plays an important role in our daily life. When we get up in the morning our morning alarm, coffee maker, car, mobile, laptop and many electronic devices have programming and software in them. This is the best field for your rapid growth.
With the vast array of technology, language and platform choices available today, it is very difficult to learn to how to increase your skills as a software developer. Many skills most of the time depends on basic skill of problem solving. We do not learn to program; we learn to solve problems as a programmer. Here are the top skills required for the software developer in the present era:
1) Practice questioning your suppositions: When there is a bug in our programme program and aren’t sure why it is breaking. To avoid this, we should be able to take a step back and question all of your suppositions about what the problem it is solving and what it should solve.
2) …

Who are software developers?

Software developers are the inventive minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that permit individuals to try and do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the system that run the huge system or manage network.

Figure 1 Careers in developing is wide open even for those who do not have relative degree.

Duties Software developers typically do the following:
•Analyse users’ desires and so style, test, and develop software to satisfy those desires. •Recommend software system upgrades for customers’ existing programs and systems. •Design every bit of an application or a system and arrange how the items can work along. •Create a range of models and diagrams (such as flowcharts) that instruct developers and coders to do better coding.
•Make 100% sure that a program continues to perform unremarkably through software package maintenance and testing.

6 Upcoming Technology That May Change the World

We’ve got seen brilliant jumps in virtual technology in last 5 years. Cellular phones, cloud computing, multi-contact tablets, and much more. Those are all trends that altered the way we stay and work. However, you will trust me or not it is just a start. This era will show signs of development. Afterward, we should live like how people in science and fiction movies did. Inspire to govern the laptop and cut Ninja herbal products together with your eyes. Inspire to print your very own particular imaginative bodily item. Inspire prepared to leap into the digital global, and interface with them. Come resolve the destiny with us. 1. Google Glass Multiplied fact has as of now gotten into our lifestyles within the styles of reproduced analysis and education application, but Google is making it a few strides higher with Google Glass. Hypothetically, with Google Glass, you could see on-line networking nourishes, text, Google Maps, and also discover with GPS and take pictures. You’ll likewise g…

Orpiv Application Developers

You can use all your fingers:Multi-touch is a strategy for input on a touchscreen that permits two or more fingers to be utilized on the screen at one time. Apple's iPhone is well known for acquainting multi-touch with the PDA world by utilizing it to permit squeezing and extending signals on the screen to control zooming.
.With the iPhone, "multitouch" innovation (which gives you a chance to utilize more than one finger to perform particular activities) reinvented what we thought about the humble touchpad. Following a solitary finger on most touchpads looks decidedly simian alongside a portion of the deceives you can do with two or more digits. Since the iPhone's dispatch, multitouch has discovered its way into various standard gadgets, including the Asus Eee PC 900 and a Dell Latitude tablet PC. Presently everyone's eyes are swung back to Apple, to perceive how it will assist adjust multitouch (which it has as of now conveyed to its tablets' touchpads). Lice…

What is Cloud Computing?

Analysts predict that the most recent technology inventions in cloud computing can considerably influence how we have a tendency to use our computers and mobile devices.Cloud computing is place where tasks and file storage on your computer are performed and kept elsewhere. By using an internet connection, you’ll connect with a service that has the design, infrastructure and software system to manage any task or storage demand at less cost. The advantages of cloud computing are that it eliminates the problem and expense of maintaining, upgrading and scaling your own hardware and software system whereas increasing potency, speed and resources. Your computer’s processing speed, memory capability, software system applications and maintenance necessities are reduced. You can do anything in your phone you can read any format of text, play games, can watch videos and even it has calculator and watch at time. As a comparison, for example you had to come up with your own electricity. you woul…

12 ways to Market Products in Kashmir

Orpiv Technology Marketing In KashmirTechnologists make software but they are uncertain of selling gradients, selling require a lot in engaging towards attracting customers instead of promoting an answer alone on its technical quality. To make people buy your product you should give them some extra work at same price the other people are giving. To make your software development organization earn for you, you should get comfortable and agreeable with marketing to market your competence. Everyone needs a website, an app, or software today so you’ll get plenty of work and increase software business. Having programming skills can never make assure you a good money. People don’t care about coding, they only care about the result and what programming and coding brings to them. You know the value of your products, but how to convince your customers about all that? That is what marketing is for!

1)Identify Your Potential Clients: How to make people and your clients know about your programming s…